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Send a cake to Greece

How soon can you ship my order?

Due to the fact that we have a network of co-working pastry shops in more than 150 locations in Greece, delivery may be completed the next day. We don't deliver on Sundays except on some special occasions only in the are of Thessaloniki. It is recommended though, to post your orders at least 48 hours before delivery date, in order to organize our deliveries more efficiently.

Christmas Season

We will not deliver sweets on Christmas Day. So in order to get your orders on time, you must send them until December 23th. For New Year's Day deliveries, you must send them until 08:00 Greek Time on December 30th. We will not deliver also on Epifany Day (Jan 6th). We can also deliver in Thessaloniki on Sundays for an additional fee of 7,00 euros.

In which places, do you deliver?

We deliver only in Greece. You may order from any place in the world. At present time, our service is capable of delivering in more than 150 small or big cities in Greece and their surroundings areas. Practically, we cover more than 85% of Greece's population. If you are not sure that we deliver in your place, please us send an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Soon, there will be available, a service for people living outside of Greece. You can order sweets for you, or send them to your relatives that live abroad. These sweets are traditional Greek pastry that can shipped through courier services.
See also our delivery map.

Do you keep sweets and cakes in stock?

No. The nature of the products that we deliver, is not allowing that treatment. In order to keep their high quality and freshness intact, we deliver exclusively, fresh sweets that our bakers produce according to your order.

I don't know, when exactly is my friend's Nameday?

Don't Worry! There are so many Namedays on Christian Calendar that is usual not to know all of them. Very soon we will add a nameday finder on our Homepage and there you can find a Nameday Search Section where you can type a day or a Name.

Do I have to pay additonal money for the shipping?

If you complete your order and select your courier service, you will see that in the final billing we include all costs. Delivery in Greece is carried out by courier services.

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is very simple: We will not sell, trade or rent your personal information under any circumstances in third parties. Read also our legal notice.
How do I post my first order?
You have to submit your personal data and create an account, in order to aquire a username and a password. You must provide information about you as well as the recipinet of the cake. After that, you are ready to start ordering sweets.

Why do I have to sign in?

When you sign in, our server remembers your personal data. So you don't have to submit them again and again. This way, our service is more reliable fast and easy for you. You may update your data whenever you want. We never show in public your information.

What credit cards to you accept?

At present moment we accept VISA, American Express and MasterCard through PAYPAL system.

Can I fax order?

Of course. You can phone us at +30 6944 264-387 daily from 09:00 till 17:00 and give us your order as well as your credit card information. Or you may write it down on a paper and fax it to +30 2310 466-369. Please write the full name, address and telephone number (prefferably mobile) of the person that you want to send the sweets. Write also a short message and delivery date. Finally, write all billing information, including Credit card holder's name, Credit card type and number and expiration date.

Delivery Time

- Monday to Friday 10:00-20:00 Greek Time
- Saturday deliveries after contact
- Sunday and Holidays after contact and extra charge
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Website Administration

Help Line: + 30 6944 264387
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You must be over 21 years old to place an order for wine or liqueur.

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