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Rakomelo is exclusively produced from Tsipouro/Tsikoudia sweetened with honey. The aroma of honey is enriched with aromatic herbs and grains, such as cinnamon, clove, anise and many more. The mixture obtained is left to rest for a short period of time before bottling, so that its characteristics in terms of aroma and taste can blend together.Depending on the sugar content, Rakomelo may be found as a spirit drink and/or liqueur.
Its minimum alcoholic strength by volume is 20% vol and its color is clear, with a shade of deep golden yellow to dark brown and it is mainly consumed during wintertime though it is equally enjoyable cold as a digestif after a meal on the beach.
Ploutos Tis Gis, with its knowledge and passion, has evolved a traditional homemade recipe and brought it at the forefront of taste. Our Rakomelo is produced following a unique technique that offers it the deep copper colour that makes it special. The fruity tsipouro composition and the sweet honey taste meet discreet fruit and spice aromas, and they are spread pleasantly to the palate, leaving a memorable taste. Enjoy it chilled, in a tall glass with a thin slice of lemon, or at room temperature in a tulip glass. The heat of the hand holding the glass is transferred to the Rakomelo, revealing its rich aromas and warming our hearts! 500ml.

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