Ordering Instructions

Ordering Instructions

Our goal is to deliver cakes within 48 hours of your order.
We do not deliver on Sundays (except in Thessaloniki area where we can deliver on Sunday).
If you want us to deliver a cake in National Holidays: on Christmas day, Easter, New Year’s Day, Epiphany Day (6th Jan), March 25th, August 15th and October 28th, please send us an e-mail at least 4 days earlier. We will schedule the delivery (if possible) and then we will contact you. In any case, you’re not going to be charged, without our service securing the delivery.

Please have in mind that we are a delivery service. We do not own a pastry shop or bake any cakes. We collaborate with a network of pastry shops in Greece. Therefore the only responsible for the quality of the cake is the pastry shop or bakery that we collaborate. Due to the fact that we collaborate with more than 80 different pastry shops, it’s impossible, for all the cakes that we deliver, to have the same appearance. Your cake may differ in appearance from the photos in products’ page, but it will have the highest standards of quality and freshness. In case we cannot deliver your desired cake, we will deliver a cake of similar or higher price and if it’s not possible we will fully refund your money.

Shipping Method

We hand deliver your cakes, minutes after we receive them from the nearest bakery.

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