Customized Corporate Cake


For any corporate event or party, offers the best corporate photo cakes crafted with the finest ingredients. Select the flavour of your choice and get the cake(s) customized with the company logo or required designs.

Use service to send handmade custom-messaged cakes, delivered locally anywhere in Greece through our national network of quality, independent bakeries.
These unique corporate gifts have a purpose for your clients to not only make use of, but it shows your appreciation and they will also remember who gave it to them as a pleasant surprise.

Write a short message to deliver it in a wishing card.

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A unique and innovative way to recognize and reward your clients is to send them a memorable gift. Can you think something more fancy than a cake? Dare to be different with our corporate cakes. Sharing these corporate cakes with your co-workers and colleagues will be an unforgettable memory, especially around the holidays. It serves 10-30 persons, depending on size.

Note: Every cake that we bake is handcrafted and since each chef has his/her own way of baking and designing the cake, there might be a slight variation in the product in terms of design when compared to the image displayed on the website. The color of the cake could vary based on the flavor selected. Having said that, we at always make sure that all cakes are very similar to the corresponding images displayed on the website.

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